Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ho for the open road!

I've been on a road trip with my sister! With Chris Isaac and the Stray Cats for company we packed up the pringles and chocolate covered pretzels and headed down south. We set off in the early hours and made it to my aunt's place for a full cooked breakfast. Then off again via the Collie road and Darkan, past the vast open cut coal mines and fields of canola. Once on the Albany Highway there was a whole heap of nothing to see. Except one ginormous kangaroo.

Random train crane thingy in Plantagenet

Too many road trucks

Chips and gravy and lashings of ginger beer! It wasn't until early evening before we reached Albany.

The view from the kitchen, early morning Goode Beach

Time for a brisk morning stroll.

Pelicans at Emu Point. The big guy with the black beak has been eating squid!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The House of Worth: an archive

I ordered a luscious book for the library while I was going through my Gilded Age phase. It's a book of photographs from the archives of the House of Worth - probably the first couturier house as we know it. And while the images are fascinating, it IS their archives so there's a lot of sepia going on. Which I probably should have realised when I bought it. Thankfully, a lot of the gilded ladies in America donated their Worth dresses to cultural institutions, so there are a billionty one colour images available online.

I usually approach such books as if they were shopping catalogues but this time I'm determined to read the essays thoroughly! But the question remains: which would you wear?

Sewing inspiration

The magnolia's are in bloom, the flowering quinces a searing tangerine under grey skies and my husband swears he can smell spring in the air. Two weeks till the turn of the season! Yet here in Melbourne it will be some time before the gloom finally lifts. Such a bitterly cold winter we've had!

I'd like to be sewing purples and plums and clear hunters' green.

And they're all frocks! I put on so much weight after hospital and my last crazy meds had me eating like a crazy little piggy. So it was very sad to realise that none of my dresses fit and none of my tried and true patterns would be of any use. With my birthday coming up I'm hoping I'll be able to make a wee trip to etsy and get one or two patterns in a more Juno-esque size! That's a hint people!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pretty kitties

I'm reading about the printmaking and design of Edward Bawdrn and Eric Ravilious. But instead of a learned post about an era of prints I adore, I've been sidetracked by cats. Cats!!!

Enid Marx loved cats...
Feline fantasy (19???)

Gerard Marcks Cats in the attic (1920)

Frank Marc Two cats (1912)

Jon Nash A cat asleep (1920)

John Nash Cat on a chair (1920)

Eileen Mayo Prowling cat (1932)

Richard Bawden Sasha

Edward Bawden Cat

All these artists will get there own posts later!

(Written while in bed snuggling with three of the cats)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


And the good things just keep coming...

L'uccello had a sale! I had a voucher! Yeehar! 

Vintage buttons, appliqué, French soaps and Potuguese bath salts. Plus some super cheap fabric for a blouse. I had some sewing that was all done save for the buttons so I was able to finish those off on the weekend. 

No more vouchers. So sad.

I am a winner!

Oh happy day! I won a prize!! 

Thanks to the Vintage Starlet and Arthelia's Attic I have a new platinum snood.

So my hair is still a bit short after hospital so this is an aspirational piece!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

D-day 6 June 1944

American Red Cross nurses land in France

British women serve tea to US troops traveling to embark for Normandy

Canadian nurses arrive in France

The Canadian home front

The women who made U.S. Landing craft

Entertaining the troops in a U.S. Rest camp in France

Women leaving an American synagogue

A woman of the French Resistance

Today is the 71st anniversary of the Normandy landings, the opening salvo of Operation Overlord.

I had to look it up but the D in D-day seems to stand for 'day'!