Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5 tips for upstairs tapdancers

There's a Fred Astaire movie in which young Fred, dapper as always, disturbs a negligee clad Ginger Rogers who is trying to get a good night's sleep downstairs. This is what our hero does:

  • elegantly scatters some sand on the floor
  • executes delightful soft shoe shuffle
  • sings sweet lullaby
  • draws forth cute smile from Ginger as she drifts off to sleep
  • buys entire contents of florist shop for Ginger the next day

I believe he then goes on to propose to Ginger. My neighbour may forgo this step. (Otherwise, my favourite flowers are chrysanthemums)

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Nancy's pearls said...

sshhh, just for you, something on m blog...go check it out (making sure your PC speakers aren't up as load as mine were...)