Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mysterious disapperance of The Triangle Man

I'd meant to do a tribute to Deborah Kerr (rhymes with star!). But while I like An affair to remember (despite her noble suffering routine towards the end) I've never been too sure about her seaside romp with Burt in From here to eternity. All that uncomfortable.

What really makes me cranky about her is The king and I. Her character's a starchy, uptight, interfering miss! The songs are loathsomely twee (How can we forgive her for singing Give a little whistle?) And then seeing dear Yul Brynner play the King of Siam as a noble savage - it just makes steam come out my ears.

So after jumping up and down like Yosemite Sam my thoughts turned from Deborah to the men in these films. What we used to call Triangle Men. All those 50s film stars with shoulders an acre wide and narrow little hips. Burt was a good example. Joel McCrea. Victor Mature. What someone once described as 'the heroic triangle of military style'. (I know. I'm in a library. I should track this down. I haven't and I'm not going to.) I guess you got someone to hide behind and someone who you could dance with too.

I don't think dear Orson makes this list.


Proud woman said...

They were the types that played the well-oiled, gladiator roles in Epic Theatre on a Sunday afternoon many years ago... we didn't have much to watch in 'those days'!!!! and you're right, Orson doesn't quite make it...

Nancy's pearls said...

yeah Orson was more your spherical type type figure,
but grrr
give me him anytime.

that said, Deboroah was waaay perky don't you think...
better than Doris any day
so chic!

Nancy's pearls said...

Orson is looking so good in that pic, and lends a degree of sombre grace to your site. the power of Orson is awesome.
can you add a pic of Rosebud the sled?

paranoia agent said...

Proud woman we speak the same language!
Nancy's Pearls I will not engage in any SLANDER of Ms Day.
Though your appreciation of the power of the Orson leads me to forgive you for your hasty comments.