Thursday, November 1, 2007

What the hell is he doing up there? Using Task 8 to keep up to date

I have been asked for an update on my dancing neighbour. He doesn't come with an rss feed so I'll have to fill you in. (I've gone a bit youtubey for this so please remember to give the clips time to buffer)

So, the neighbour upstairs, not only a dancing man, but one given to belting out a tune now and again. This is generally rather good as he is quite partial to musicals. The problem is that he's a bit of a Lion King and I'm Marian the librarian. And sometimes, when he's properly practicing, I get to hear songs in great detail. Sometimes I have the opportunity to hear the one line from a song five times in a row. And then five times more. And then - but anyway, the song we are currently working on is a real ripper.

If you want to see some of the things I'm into that do come with rss feeds take a looksee at my links to the Chocolate & Zucchini foodblog and the Classic movies site or swing on over to my Bloglines page:


Proud woman said...

I loved the video of Marian the Librarian... so perfect for your theme!!!!! looking forward to more clips from you - reminds me of Saturday afternoon at the movies!!!!

paranoia agent said...

Thank you Lady of Satan. It's a great idea - I'll do a post each Saturday matinee.