Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday matinee: The talk of the town

After the Sinister Affair of the Ethiopian Chicken and the Kitchen Explosion (see previous entry) mum and I felt it was time to settle down for the Sunday matinee. This week it was The talk of the town, a 1942 Frank Capra film with Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman. I'm having a bit of a Jean Arthur festival at the moment - she's becoming my favourite screwball actress. A spunky, no nonsense working girl with a raspy voice and great legs - who was also notoriously publicity shy, suffered from stage fright and lacked confidence in her abilities.
Film reviewer Charles Champlin wrote the following (+ I pinched it from the wikipedia Jean Arthur entry):

To at least one teenager in a small town (though I’m sure we were a multitude), Jean Arthur suggested strongly that the ideal woman could be — ought to be — judged by her spirit as well as her beauty…. The notion of the woman as a friend and confidante, as well as someone you courted and were nuts about, someone whose true beauty was internal rather than external, became a full-blown possibility as we watched Jean Arthur.

Love the lady.

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Proud woman said...

You seem to spend hours signing up here and there - totally frustrating!!!! especially when you do all of that and the f#**er doesn't work!! but I put a nice little gem of a movie clip on my blog just for you - from Mary Poppins... "Sister Suffragette" - thought of you and the "Marian the librarian" clip immediately!!! I just had to do it!!!