Friday, February 13, 2009



Last sighted entering Beautyologist on Carlisle Street, Balaclava. Police suspect foul play. A reward is offered for any information leading to the return of the brows unharmed.

Had a new lady at the beauty parlour this week. Following farcical exchange as she didn't speak much English, just New Zealandish: My name is Jinna - Gina? - No, Jinna - Jenny? - No Jinna - Jenna? - No etc etc. This unnamed lady went on to apply overly hot wax to my brow. OUCH!!!

I now have the slightly bored and vacuous look of a mediaeval saint. (Which is not the only drama - when I indicated to my beloved that I would be pleased to receive eyelash curlers for a Valentine, I was asked What for? Because apparently I have NO EYELASHES!)

A few thoughts on eyebrows:

Latin name = supercilium. Yes, as in supercilious.

In the Edo period a Japanese gal could shape her eyebrows in such a way as to indicate that she was married with one child.

It also seems that, as a mammal, I need to raise my brows when I am scanning for danger.

As you probably know, mediaeval lasses liked to shave their brows off (and did the same to their hairline to make it higher). I did read that the 17th century beautician would use mouse fur to create new brows (gross but unsubstantiated). The 1910 lady went in for tattooed brows, which would have been a drag when she reached the 1930s as eyebrows disappeared again in this era, when the finely arched brow was in vogue. 1920s went for the straight brow, the 1940s liked them with a natural arc, the 50s saw them darken up. The 80s liked them Brooke Shields big.

It is possible to get an eyebrow transplant.

I need eyebrows so my car computer can tell when I'm not paying attention. Or am asleep.

I do urge you to check out the Bad Brow section of this site devoted to eyebrows. Gentlemen may choose to visit one of my favourite blogs: Moustaches of the Nineteenth Century (the one-stop blog spot for your Nineteenth Century Mustache needs!) And if this has left you feeling somewhat insecure and in need of a makeover you may be interested in this photographic work on eyebrows Freaky is the reviewer that claims "this is the first book that I have truly enjoyed in a long time". Even freakier - there's a town called Eyebrow in Canadia!

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donnasoowho said...

ho ho that's quite amusing - can't wait to (not) see them. You should be well versed in 'noo zulund' now tho. And I don't think the car computer works for passengers does it?