Monday, May 25, 2009

Encoding on the Home Front

I never give birthday presents on time. I rarely, if ever, pull through with a card. My sister will call me six weeks before an anniversary saying, 'It's blahblah soon, what are you going to do?' So, of course, I didn't quite get around to Mother's Day. While the present is still sitting here, I did manage to pull through with a card. Of sorts. Eventually.

Mr Chairman's BRILLIANT BRAIN went to work and he organised to send mum a telegram from this mob, thus fulfilling his brief 'to do something better than my sister's card'. Luckily, my family have a history of faux espionage, so we are fully equipped with a code. Such as 'a wet bird flies by night' and 'Paris is lovely in the spring'. You can identify me in a crowded market place by asking if 'the lone wolf howls'.

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