Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughts from a youth literature conference

Alison Goodman on fear:
Fear makes misers of us all. Fear makes us become a smaller person

Bernard Beckett on fear:
These days we spend so much time worrying about all the things that can go wrong. That's what I feel about fear - to hell with it!

The perfect ending is both surprising and inevitable.

Raymond Chandler wrote about the man he wanted to be; Dashiel Hammet wrote about the man he feared he was.

Randa Abdel-Fattah was once described in hate mail as 'a terrorist in Halal lipstick'

Mal Peet wants to be the Jamie Oliver of children's literature. He wants to wean them off their pot noodles and chicken nuggets.

James Roy and John Green on Twilight or 'books about teenage love affairs with neck biting involved':
It set women's lib back forty years; says that a guy can be as much of a prick as you like, as long as he's shiny; girls don't need men to be their protectors (largely because they're not very good at it); it's Mormon porn for girls; girls shouldn't marry their stalkers

James Roy:
I don't need to do a quiz to find out what 80s pop star I am. I already know I'm A flock of seagulls.

Mal Peet:
History is the great narrative, the infinite narrative. We need to see ourselves as part of history.

Life was disappointing after the war - just not as exciting. The war was our parents's grand story. When my grandfather came home from World War I, he said 'hello darling' to his daughter and never spoke again.

I gaily made stuff up for my books about South America but now I'm writing about myself and I'm having to research it. But the 1960s - by God it was daft wasn't it?

I am awe-struck and tremble, for the rage of sheep is truly awful - James Whistler after being criticised by Oscar Wilde.

MT Anderson:
In the 1980s young adult literature seemed to be written by fifty year old child psychologists who said it's ok to masturbate. And I'd figured that out by myself.

Reading the classics is being part of the history of human thought.

The very elderly and quite dotty editor of Magpies magazine:
I knew at the age of 13 that I was born to be a rich man's mistress.

Isobelle Carmody:
Comfort reading: there's always a time when I need a comfort read. I couldn't possibly read a new book. I mean, what might happen in the end?

Carmody: I always carry three books with me. It's almost a phobia. What if I had nothing to read? What if I run out?
Anderson: I always worry about being in a hostage situation.
Carmody: You read about people stuck in a lift. I think 'oh I hope they had a book.'
Anderson: And a catheter.

John Green:
Yesterday, after I'd done a writing workshop, a kid came up to me and asked 'So are you going to write about your shit life?' I had to explain to him that it wasn't just my shit life it was ALL of our lives.

Green: Worship beauty and you will always be ugly; worship Twitter followers and you will be satisfied forever.
Roy: Is that Whitman?

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good to see you back...

and so it was James Roy who Paul Rogers from Bad Company wrote the song "Seagull" in the 80s hey!!!!

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