Monday, June 8, 2009

Samson and Delilah

Dear me, not a happy afternoon viewing. It's about two kids in a remote Aboriginal community. And it is TOUGH. I don't really feel that I can adequately describe the experience. It's a particularly short film but every single moment counts. There's extremely little dialogue. I found this a bit of a puzzle. In some ways it made the feel seem a tad ethnographic - witness the lives of these people. But maybe I was meant to realise how far outside my experience of life these people were. Though I'm struggling to describe it I was moved to outrage by this film - what a waste of lives. We witness people who live 'in between': living on traditional land but, with the introduction of Western ways, no longer a part of it; linked to a community that threatens to destroy them as much as it holds them together. Though I'm a bit dubious about the ending (apart from the welcome relief it provided) it was extraordinarily emotional and challenging cinematic experience


donnasoowho said...

mmm, don't thikn I'll be going to see that one!

Sailor Lily said...

oh my god, you're blogging again and I didn't know.
I remembered your blog-moniker and googled it just in case and lo! There you are still blogging away all film buff-like.
I hope george is well and frisky!

Sailor Lily said...

me again. I've just been back-reading your blogs and read about your wonderful afternoon with the Rabbi. I'm so glad you and Mr C were able to reach such a positive outcome given how stressful the situation had been and could have continued being.
Id you want to read my pregnancy and birth blogs, just backtrack on my page.