Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ah, le Tour

Tra la la! It's time for le Tour! Super extra hurrah for having a TiVo - which means no more lonely nights. We can now tape le Tour - all 4+ hours of it - and watch it at our leisure. Which is excellent, not only because I feel asleep last night, way before a single pedal had been turned in Stage 1, but because my library colleagues were looking worried. Apparently last year I didn't handle the late nights too well. But I slept through most of le Tour last year also so I think people are being needlessly alarmist. I'm sure I was perfectly lovely.

I've been practising my hair this weekend. Got some quite respectable Victory rolls happening and with a swash of mascara and some red lippy I was feeling ready to face the crowd at the library. Had a lovely shift. Busy busy but with a good crew. I was nice to the punters and they were nice to me and the crazy people were spoken to and everyone behaved themselves admirably. And the old dears loved my hair which is the nicest compliment of all.



you would conjure memories of years gone by for some of the older women... they would love you!!!!

Sailor Lily said...

I knew you'd be doing those victory curls.
weird, I did them myself last week when Finn slept long enough for some me time.
but noww I have a very short fringe- it's so eighties I'm doing hot pink lippy and liquid liner. fabulous.
do you knoww how to do the 40's eyeshadow? If not I'll post on it, time permitting.