Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visiting the taxman

Accounting Department, National Bank of Chicago c1940
(Early Office Museum)

Nothing fills me with greater dread than a visit to the taxman. There's something about filling in forms and answering questions to the GOVERNMENT that I find paralysing. And it's not as if I'm being in any way fraudulent. It is, after all, my money.

Our choice of accountant was based on the theory that the dodgier the office space, the more geekish the occupants and therefore, the more focused the accountant. Well this place rated highly on the dodge factor: a window that has been broken all year, grey carpet and broken vertical blinds. Though I was disappointed not to get the elderly Indian accountant with the wig, the elderly Greek accountant with the combover was just as special.

After two and a half hours my miserly refund looked as though it would be entirely eaten up by the accountant's fee and that I would in fact end up being out of pocket as a result of the entire ordeal. And yes, I would be all square with the Tax Department, as the accountant so helpfully pointed out but somehow that idea was less than comforting. Then he springs a final question on me and all of a sudden my sad little tax debt blossomed into a glorious retail filled future.

But because we live in Paranoiaville something is sure to go wrong and I won't actually see any of this money.



oooh, it's been a long long time since i visited the 'taxman'... but i luv the graphic - reminds me of the first typing pool i ever worked in...

larrythelibrarian said...

sounds like u went to H R Block - a truly life sucking experience.

Larry just faxed his group certificates to our wonderful accountant and one quick phonecall. So easy

Sailor Lily said...

did you by any chance see Con in Inkerman street? Legend!
I'm getting a $540 return and made a new friend- our taxman and his wife live at the end of the street,and are lovely funny parents of a nine month old boy.

donnasoowho said...

I"m always confused by the fact that my tax rebate seems to be vastly different each year, despite very similar habits... so I got all excited about uber dollars but the rebate is about half what was expecting. Although luckily not an awful lot to buy here in lovely Saigon (apart from spa treatments) so probbly won't break the bank.