Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Lindy Charm School for Girls

I'm slowly transforming myself into quite the girly girl. A few weeks ago I booked a session at Kit Cosmetics with a US makeup artist from my favourite cosmetics brand Two Faced. Was a bit nervous about rocking up with my hair in Victory rolls but I couldn't have had a better time. The crew at Kit were super sympathetic and leapt at the opportunity to do some vintage style makeup. I'd been so worried I'd end up looking like... whatever the latest trend is. Turns out they'd just done a full goth treatment for a little Morticia so were keen to try out something different. I felt very glamorous perched on the chair while this amazingly groomed lady fussed over me. There was no hard sell, just a bunch of girls mucking around with makeup. I've never really worn makeup because I have no idea what I'm doing. Not anymore. The girls gave me heaps of hints and lots of time to practice. So, with guidance from Miss Two Faced and a little help from Sailor Lil and my sister, I'm starting to get the hang of things. And my, doesn't it give you that little bit of extra confidence to put on some red lipstick.

I left the store walking on air, bouyed up by compliments from complete strangers. Now to complete the package I've enrolled in The Lindy Charm School for Girls. It's to be a wonderful afternoon workshop on 40s styling - hair, makeup and fashion (and champagne!) I've borrowed some curling tongs (yes, I know... but the 40s was all about directional curls so it would be good to get a little bit more in control of what goes on up top). My NEW makeup bag is packed with my NEW makeup, plus my NEW makeup brushes (thanks to my super generous sister). Last Sunday I double checked the time, double checked the location and triple checked the tram time table and set off across the river. What I didn't do was check the date. Was a bit weepy when I discovered I'd made all that effort on a Sunday tram timetable TWO WEEKS EARLY but then was thrilled to discover how super tear-proof my new liquid eyeliner is. Amazing.

Now that I've all this extra time I've been using it to have a bit of a play with my hair. Now that Betty Grable is my new fashion icon (movie review to come) I had a go at a Grable do. Mr Chairman was of the opinion that it looked like a beehive gone wrong. Very sad. But I'm still trying! This time setting my hair in pin curls - a ludicrously time consuming old style technique. The other night I sat in bed curling hair round my finger and pinning it in place. Once I topped it all off with a head scarf (so much more comfy to sleep in) I'm sure I made a very alluring site for my young man. Result - curls great but realise that placement of curls super important. Old hair manuals come with precise diagrams of where to put the curl and in what order. Still working on this one obviously because today I've gone for the front roll and been told by Mr C that I look like Morrissey from The Smiths.

Be careful or <-- will lead to this -->


Admin - SBNG said...

I'd just like to note here that:

I did NOT say that it looked 'like a Beehive gone wrong'. I said that it looked like a 'sad, beehive sort of thing'.

I did NOT say that my beloved 'looked like Morrissey', that would be odd and make me feel a tad strange. Instead, I said 'I don't know why, but for some reason when I look at you today my mind goes to Morrissey'.

Subtle differences, but important ones.

I'll also note here that the scarf on the head while in bed is not, in and of itself an inherently bad thing. However, it really does depend on the type, colour and design of scarf one wears - turquoise and gold silk is not flattering, it's gypsy and makes one look a little like you've just de-camped from the caravan.


oooooh.... it's a bit like "somewhere between nowhere and goodbye" hey...

Anonymous said...

Lady I can't imagine why you of ALL people need to curl your hair :-). Can't wait to see the new makeup. I find I like it more as I get older cause it hides things...

Sailor Lily said...

oh my god you are hilarious.
You too, Mr Chairman!

a charm school...I'm just, well, giddy with delight for you!
and liquid eyeliner rocks. Don't be fooled by the 'texta' types, the old thin brush is far better.
And once mastered you will never forget how.
Have you discovered gel-style blush yet? I have a red blush gel that is just by Bonne Belle. It gives that beautiful sheer flushed glow on the apples of your cheeks. Very good stuff for a very cheap product! And perfect for that healthy 50's calendar girl look.
oh,and the company that does '1000 hour lash and brow dye' (great in itself) do a really good waxy brow pencil that does not come off!


Anonymous said...

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