Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surprise presents

Birthday joy continues with a tea party at my dear friends Donna and Ray's in Footscray. Egg ribbon sandwiches (no crusts!), little savoury tarts and, glory of glories, saveloys! Pretty china, endless cups of tea and a fabulous chocolate birthday cake. AND a surprise present! Donna's mother in law, Margaret, is a wonderful seamstress and came upon an old pattern for a forties tea dress that she thought I might like. So began a global conspiracy to make me a frock. My measurements were casually obtained, fabric bought (in my favourite colour, green) and seams stitched. The result? A beautiful green floral tea dress that fits me perfectly. I feel like a complete girly girl in it - like a six year old in a party frock. So thank you Margaret, thank you Donna and Ray and thank you sneaky Mr Chairman. I LOVE IT.


Sailor Lily said...

perfection. Photos please. And belated birthday wishes for a woonderful year ahead.

donnasoowho said...

HEE HEE. I'm still surprised that we managed to pull it off without you getting suspicious. Especially as last time we came over Ray casually goes (something along the lines of) "you look like you should be sitting around in a cotton dress".

Curvy Kitty said...

Well of course I look as though I should be sitting around in a cotton dress! Seemed like a perfectly natural observation to me! I am so in love with my dress. I think I'll get all gussied up on the weekend and take some snaps. Is it wrong to want saveloys for tea every night for the rest of the week?