Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Battle of the bulge

I'm in the tail end of my flu hurrah hurrah. Which means my interest in the Jetsons is waning and I'm starting to worry about things I need to do at work and fretting about getting back to the gym. I do seem to have lost a teensy amount of weight (1 kilo!) but suspect this is sick bed dehydration rather than any efforts with the cross trainer. Sadly, this weight appears to have disappeared from my bust rather than my waist!

Extra hurrah because I just got back from the gym and I've actually lost 3 pounds (yes, we're going Imperial because it sounds a lot better). Here's where I confess to a secret obsession with gym clothes. As if rocking up to the gym with Victory rolls and Ruby Woo lipstick isn't enough! Now I know this isn't of much interest to anyone else but I'm a bit unhappy with my weight at the moment. A year or so ago I put on a whole stack o pounds while I was on a certain med (I don't even remember which one!). Since then, good livin' and no gymin' have had the expected outcome. Now I love my curves, I just want a little less of them. And Mr C loves and adores me whatever the package. So this is for me. I guess I just want to feel fitter.

Today I got a group email from my doctor - saying I should drop into the consulting rooms if I would like to improve my appearance for the racing season. Yep, my doctor, who has failed to contact me with my test results, is happy to email me and offer a 10% discount on botox.


donnasoowho said...

More money in Botox. Tis true. Suspect that even Drs are suffering from the GFC! Glad your flu is feeling better. Do you think you and Mista Chairman will be venturing to Bright? No better way to get into shape than ride up the Tawonga Gap!

Curvy Kitty said...

The gap nearly KILLED me last time! And I was fit then! Admittedly, it was about 60 degrees that day, with a fly plague and a dead wombat by the side of the road... NOT ideal. And I couldn't ask Mr C to climb it on his fixie! Think I'll be in flu recovery mode (read: watching dvds on the sofa) all weekend!