Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting my nails done

My dear neighbour Fleur treated me to a manicure and pedicure this evening. I must confess I was thinking of someone along the lines of the manicurist in The Women - looking smart in a trim uniform and ready to gossip. I was slightly discomfitted to find a tiny Vietnamese lady wearing a face mask and speaking very very little English. It was difficult to sit there and ignore her as the other ladies did but conversation wasn't really an option. I compromised with trying to look politely interested in what she was doing - which is rather diff when someone's sloughing off the gammy skin from the soles of your feet and in any case went completely unnoticed. She did do a marvelous job. I wasn't sure that she'd understand a half moon manicure (very popular in the forties) where you leave the white moon of the nail near the cuticles unpainted. So I went for a lovely shade of red for both fingers and toes. I feel very lovely and pampered and ever so natty and ladylike. I do keep waving my hands around!

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