Thursday, October 29, 2009

One little duck went out one day

I've just spent the day at the State Library of Victoria at a conference on early childhood literacy. Absolutely inspiring but most awfully tiring. It's quite something to be in a room with over a hundred children's librarians, all singing Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day and Incy Wincy Spider. Of course, the SLV always to the best catering ever; I ate mine sitting at a pint sized desk in the children's section. I think it will be rather diff not to speak to Mr C in rhymes tonight: What would you like for dinner? said the girl from Come In Spinner.

In the meantime I've been looking for pictures of hairstyles to take to my hairdressing appointment next week. Got slightly sidetracked by this gorgeous photo of Ginger Rogers.
What a cutie! Hair pictures not going so well as I'm not sure how much I can control my curls. But I'm darned well going to have a go at getting a Middy cut. I've also just finished a book on a British secret agent in WW2. I've had it from the library for an absolute age and was feeling less than enthusiastic about it - but it's an absolute ripper. It's called Agent Zigzag something something and I'll do a proper review on the weekend. Now reading about the homefront in Melbourne which is fascinating but inexcusably without pictures. I'll share some treats from that later too. But for now, adios! I'm going to have a cup of tea. (Melbourne tea rations during the 40s allowed for only 3 cups a day! Oh! The HORROR!)



i would like to have seen that!!! would have made good entertainment at the libmark seminar...

good luck with the picture trawling - and the hairdressers...

Sailor Lily said...

ah, my life in rhyming song:

for nappy changes:
"Lets have a look at your bum chum
let's have a look at your nappy, pappy!
cause your bum might be glum chum
and we want it to be happy, happy"

and then there's:

"milk is yum-yum
in Finn's tum-tum
Mummy's yummy too.
Milk is yum-yum
In Finn's tum-tum
It comes out as POO!

hmm, your're right. Ginger was gorgeous and 3 cups of tea is just not enough.