Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gosh, ain't it a stinker?

My ability to blog seems directly linked to the weather. My computer is so so ridiculously slow that it just seemed to be one more stress I couldn't cope with in the heat. Now there's a cool breeze a blowin' and Bugs Bunny on the dvd player I'm all set - we've got some catching up to do!

After Clumsy Saturday I spent a delightful Sunday afternoon catching up with Lil and other library folk down at a beach side pub in Port Melbourne. Some canny table snaffling saw us settled in the shade of a palm tree - which by the end of the afternoon turned out to be not so shady! Luckily I'd brought along my pretty pink parasol and a paper fan and felt rather cool in my new $3 Campberwell Market peasant top (I was thinking Betty Grable in Down Argentine Way - though I'm sure she never wore Birkenstocks!) It was good to see Lil as it's certainly been a long time between drinks.

Work's been busy busy. I suffered the AGONY of sending out what I thought was quite a cross email - instantly regretted of course. But it turned out not to have been so rude and nothing bad happened after all. Yay! And yes, I know that five other people had already told me that the email was fine and that... sorry, got distracted by Bugs Bunny hypnotising Elmer Fudd and I've no idea what I was saying.

Tuesday night everything was going fine until we locked ourselves out of the house. We went to the gym because there wasn't anywhere else to go and it seemed like a good idea at the time, then got back to work on the problem of being outside the house while our keys, phones and cats were on the inside. Being so hot we'd locked all the windows and pulled the blinds and curtains. The place was watertight. We were tossing up whether it would be cheaper to call a locksmith out at 9 o'clock at night or to break a window and pay for a glazier. After two OUTRAGEOUS quotes we decided to try craftiness instead. We spent a rotten hour and a great deal of frustration trying to lever out window bolts and do fancy McGyver type moves with credit cards and dead locks, supported by kindly neighbours whose kitchens we raided for breaking-into-the-house implements. When we finally decided to resort to a hammer big ole Lyle cat decided he wanted to know what was going on - sitting on the sill directly beneath the one soon to be smooshed. All ended happily except for the broken window pane, the glass inside and the vase of flowers and pot plant Lyle knocked all over the sofa. But we were inside! Heaven. And in then end Kim managed to fix the window himself for about $30.

Breaking in Rififi style

I was going to write about Rememberance Day but all you get is a gossipy post instead. Now we're just got back from driving a neighbour to the airport and it's way past my bedtime. Nighty night. This time next week we'll be in Portland. Hurrah!

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