Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hurrah! I'm on holiday and off to sunny Bolwarra to see mum. This was going to be a family vacation but we had a few concerns regarding our options for cat babysitters so Mr C will staying home to look after the gang. I'm a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to spending time with my young man but it's probably the most sensible arrangement. All of which means I'll be travelling courtesy of VicRail. Sigh. This is a long, long journey. Actually the train bit isn't so bad as long as you go first class. But the bus, the bus is a first rate stinker and the very thought of it depresses me. It's always crowded and the seats are built for midgets. It also goes down every country lane between Warnambool and the South Australian border.

I'll be loading up the ipod with the Andrews Sisters and have already packed Secret War Heroes in my library bag. The bulk of my luggage (sadly, no trunks, just a Kathmandu backback), the bulk of my luggage is old movies to watch with mum. I'm looking forward to lazy mornings on the deck, looking out over the paddock with the horses, eating pumpkin scones. See you all next week!


Anonymous said...

oh but how will you bring back the tea trolley?

Sailor Lily said...

sounds heavenly- enjoy!