Sunday, November 8, 2009

A total waste of makeup

Uh oh. I really should have stayed in bed yesterday. The day began with a series of stupid mistakes of the I love Lucy variety. Bruised, burnt (those wretched curling irons again!) and very very bad tempered I headed off to work. Where a mad woman took a dislike to my eyes and proceeded to tell me why I didn't really exist. I had a cry and forgot my mascara wasn't waterproof so spent the rest of the shift looking like Marilyn Manson.

Came home and got ready for a dinner party of all things. It's over 30 degrees and I'm running late. Spent an hour podding broad beans, unsuccessfully trying to brown chicken and generally making a mess. Contemplate crying. Contemplate calling off stupid dinner party. Super hurrah for Mr C who stepped in and saved the day (and my makeup).

Finally headed off to visit friends David and Lena, who thankfully have a kitchen bigger than ours. Had a late dinner in the backyard under the peach tree: broad bean dip, roast beetroot and feta dip with Turkish bread and a welcome glass of sparkling shiraz; chicken, preserved lemon and green olive tagine with almond cous cous; finished off with icecream and home grown rhubarb. Stayed up way past my bedtime. Got a cuddle from big ole Mr Ed the Irish wolfhound (his entire head is bigger than our biggest cat) who left great streaks of drool on my skirt. Gazed in awe at lovely baby Gala. All very nice and proved that the day wasn't a total waste of makeup after all.

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Anonymous said...

ah, broad beans!