Friday, December 4, 2009

Down Portland way

Well I've been back for over a week so a few quick words about my holidays.

The Western Districts is a pretty green part of the country. And it's green BECAUSE IT RAINS ALL THE TIME!! Which suited me just fine - the thunderstorms were really quite lovely. I spent most of my time reading about WWII espionage and watching old films. And eating. One of the first thing you notice once you're out past Geelong is that the people are all terrifyingly overweight. And I'm really not surprised because there's some great fish and chips to be had along the coast! Mum also did a proper roast lamb dinner, which is something we simply don't do at home and just the sort of thing you can rely on your mum for. And yes, there were pumpkin scones to be had too.

Not too many photos because I developed some wierdy rash (all that pure rain water!) and got a bit lazy with the hair but here I am with the little horses.

The main thrill of the holiday was the wildlife action. I've really only seen one koala in the wild, on a long and tedious drive across the country from Perth to Sydney way back in my youth. There are apparently heaps of koalas out mum's way but they've so far been maddeningly elusive. I've heard rumours of them but the usually only show their furry faces by sauntering casually up the drive 30 seconds after I've driven off. Until this holiday! It was a koala spotting safari! Apart from not having really seen them before, I had no idea that they made a noise. And what a noise they make - like a cross between an angry pig and a giant bullfrog. It's astonishing that they can rouse themselves to make such a racket - to call them laid back is an understatement. Documentary evidence is thin on the ground but here's an action shot of one of the little devils scooting along from one tree to another.

The coach and train ride took years off my life but I was saved from mental breakdown a) because the coach goes through Koroit, which is Devondale dairy country and the cows really do look like this:
b) I had a new Agatha Christie that I hadn't read for years and I'd forgotten who'd dunnit. There really isn't anything more appropriate for train travel than Agatha.

I got home to find the house in the midst of home renovation hell. Things are looking lovely now so I shall draw a veil over the few dust filled days we endured. All I can say is that Mr C is an incredibly thorough and painstaking home handyman (my contributions being limited to making cups of coffee and encouraging noises) and that the woodwork in our bathroom is now looking lovely, clean and mould free! Sadly, the bright woodwork is now contrasting poorly with the mouldy grouting. Enter home renovation project number 2...

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Admin - SBNG said...

I'd just like to point out for the benefit of readers: Ms Kitty contributed a lot more besides cups of coffee and encouragement. In fact, some of the paint removal work was carried out by her good hands.