Monday, December 14, 2009

In the dog house

What I'd rather be doing... war plant workers dance the jitterbug after an 8 hr shift. Actually, they look really, really tired.

I'm applying for a job at the mo. Essentially, the job I'm already doing - which somehow makes it harder. Part of the prob is that I've only every really done two or three job interviews. The rest of the prob is that I'm a nervous ninny. I've been told by them as know that I 'donkeyed home' in the last interview. Now I can't say I know exactly what that means but if I have to be a donkey to get this job so be it. I've also been told that I'd have to be practically comatose to stuff up the interview. Again, good. But last time I applied for this job I worried and fretted until I made myself sick (and made Mr C sick of the very mention of the words 'job' and 'application'). So really, it is PROVEN that worrying works for me. Do I worry again? Do I have to worry in order to stand a chance? Or can I sit around watching anime and updating my blog? Am I starting to worry that I'm not worrying enough? Trust me, I'm worried.

The other big worry is that old Jack cat is going freakin insane. He's gone all fuzzy in the head. For starters, he's completely addicted to bed. To the extent that he frets if he can't get under the covers. He pops out for meals, if you drag him out. Then tears back into the bedroom again. The other thing, and believe me it's a biggie, is that one minute it's all 'oh he wants to sit on my lap!' and the next it's 'oh my god he's pissing on me!' This is causing a distinct lack of harmony in the household. Apart from the ick factor, I mean, what the hell is he thinking in his little furry brain?? As for the other cats I do wonder what we were thinking. George is a darling but he doesn't shut up and Lyle is, well, who knows about Ly-lo. Lyle = enigma. I've never met such a super cool cat. Anyway, these two do this really funny for two minutes stunt fighting that gets really really annoying really really quickly - especially when SOMEONE TRYING TO WRITE SOMETHING.

So instead of going to see a big band as planned, I'm busy washing cat piss clothes, while two cats sound like they're killing each other and Mr C is engaged in the great 2009 bathroom renovation so I haven't had a shower at home for the last few days (and the end is not in sight) and I'm trying to write about all the good things I've done and all I can think about is the time I went to the State Library with the Co-ordinator team (ie. my bosses) and wore my shirt back to front for the entire day.



i can empathise where the piss is concerned... kidney problems maybe - senility - psychological (something changed in his environment perhaps - another cat moved into the area?? being targeted by younger toms??)

and the interview for this job will be different in as much as you have been doing it really well for the last few months - you know what's expected now and what you can offer!!!

Admin - SBNG said...

I would like it known that:

the great bathroom renovation is almost complete. The end is most assuredly in sight.

I don't worry at all. Ever. At least not about job interviews.

I have never worn my shirt the wrong way around in public. Not ever.

I have however worn a pair of pants inside out for an entire night and not noticed. And they were jeans. That takes skill in the ignorance department let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

I got a top made in Vietnam that looks almost identical in the right way as it does in the wrong way (apart from you can see the seam). Anyway, I've worn it in the wrong way twice now -the first time I didn't notice until I got home but the second time I thought it was in the wrong way (it wasn't) so I turned it in the other way (now wrong). Then in the middle of my meeting I realised it was in the wrong way.

Job interview will be fine.

Can you put a nappy on Jack?

Sailor Lily said...

It is a token of how cool you are that your back-to-front shirt elicited glances of desinger envy from my peers. Do it again for the interview. Worry a little- cause adrenalin sharpens the mind. And fit in some anime and lots of cuddles, cause an over-abundance of cortisol in the system is counter-productive. Do assume that the job is different, as 'caretaking' is by nature different to 'owning'.
you will be fine.