Sunday, December 6, 2009


Spent the day in gym clothes then ran out of time to get to the gym. Couldn't be bothered to do my hair. No lippy. Our xbox died and I haven't started my Christmas shopping.

Last night Kim found a lump in old Jack cat's belly. We've booked him in to the vet tomorrow but goodness knows how we'll pay for it. Worrying but luckily he's as happy as larry these days. He spends all his time sleeping under the bed clothes where he gets frightfully hot and squishy. He's quite chirpy when he comes out and he usually goes out for a bit of a stroll at night (which makes me a bit anxious). He's still eating which is good but is a little cavalier in his attitude to the litter tray. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

In the middle of all this I'm trying to update my resume. It's a little hard to talk about yourself in glowing terms when you feel like curling up in bed and having a good cry. Oh not much of a trooper am I?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Jack - he's had a very happy life though.


it's sooo hard when they get old - you'll find 'lumps and bumps' everywhere - allie has lumps of all shapes and sizes these days - and we both agree getting old sucks (as well as her incontinence we've had diarrhea to contend with this weekend too!!!) i'm thinking of you all... pats for the old boy from me...

oooh, and is there a specific reason you're updating resume???

larrythelibrarian said...

I love it when you are grumpy

misanthropy rules