Friday, February 19, 2010

Absolutely bushed

Well I have had a super busy week. All good except for the last hour of today. My boss had told me to go forth on shine. Instead, I had perhaps the worst professional hour of my life. Nah, it wasn't that bad. But it was bad enough! I've just come back from a jog so things feel a lot better now. Wasn't too keen on jogging around the park in the dark - last time I did that I disturbed two gentlemen 'entertaining' each other. So I got a cycling escort from Mr C. For him it was essentially a series of track stands as I am a slow, slow jogger. I could barely pant out a word but he chattered away quite happily damn him.

Got lots of things planned for this weekend: a house warming, an afternoon tea, a farewell, a bike ride and - most exciting - a trip to Circa Vintage Clothing in Gertrude Street! I'm going to get myself a belated Christmas present (thanks mum!) In true St Kilda fashion it seems like a huge expedition to cross the Yarra, so anything on the other side of the river just gets put off. But tomorrow's the day. I'm looking to pick up a vintage tourist scarf for my (extremely small) collection. I absolutely adore them. I don't have many but I get one each year as a present. I get a bit nervous going to Circa as the ladies are always impecably vintage.

Being bipolar, things work better if I stick to a routine, particularly around bedtimes. If I don't take my meds at the right time, or if I stay up half an hour too late, things go all a little pear shaped. But tonight, as a treat, I'm going to stay up late and watch some of the winter olympics. I am stupidly excited.

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Anonymous said...

The scarf is a present for getting your new job. I feel exhausted h just reading your blogs and all the things you do. We are not into the Olympics though I am waiting for the figure skating to start, which I do love. M