Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big weekend

It's the end of a very busy weekend and I'm all a bit tired and emotional so this will probably all be a bit boring.

Staying up late didn't work so well for me, for which I blame Eddie Maguire, lamest host of Olympics ever. The coverage was extremely disappointing but once I'd stay up past my bedtime I find it very difficult to get to sleep. So I was still dreadfully awake at 2am. Not a good state of affairs. I slept in and went for a jog and almost died. Hot.

Then off to Gertrude Street ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER. Fitzroy = Melbourne's hottest suburb. It was stinky hot. Circa Vintage Clothing was exciting and there were lots of scarves to chose from. I ended up with this one, in my favourite colour, green. I don't really wear vintage because it scares me a little. I'm terrified I'll ruin something.

We then drove out to the Dandenongs for a house warming. This is a very, very long drive - which kindof amazed me because Donna and I used to ride it when we went out practicing hill climbs. The party wasn't as scary as I thought it might be, even though I didn't know anyone and didn't really talk to anyone... But the hosts were extremely polite and well mannered and we managed to get home in time for me to watch MORE OLYMPICS.

Woke up super duper early (for us) and met the Soo family for a ride. Turns out there was an unadvertised triathlon on Beach Road so we headed out to do some laps of Albert Park Lake. And because we rode we could eat whatever we wanted so dropped by Mart for a humungeous breakfast. (Technically, I think I spent most of my time sitting on a park bench with Donna, critiquing people's running styles but I still deserved a big breakfast.)
Ray and his bagel - at least I think there's
a bagel under all that smoked salmon

Donna Soo and an enormous stack of corn fritters

Mr C and I shared a pancake stack

Me sans victory rolls and Ruby Woo lippy, just before I emptied
the entire bottle of maple syrup over the pancakes

When I got home I baked a cake - my grandmother's ginger cake with mock cream icing. I'm pegging this is another war era cake: golden syrup, margarine and a weird fake cream. Turns out I've lost my sponge tins so I had to improvise a bit with the cooking time and temperature. I'm very pleased with how it turned out - just like I remembered. My grandma used to serve afternoon tea every day, with proper table linen and all. I remember having this cake and tiny egg sandwiches a lot. The mock cream wasn't quite what I remembered. You whisk equal quantities of margarine, sugar and boiling water. I only had butter so it was quite yellow and I used icing sugar because I didn't trust the sugar to dissolve. Think this was a mistake. Pretty runny at first but I'd make it again and let it cool a bit before spreading it.Any excuse to use my chicken feet sugar tongs!

Ginger cake, striped from the cake rack despite the fact
I turned it out on a tea towel

My old cycling friend Penny came over for afternoon tea and it was very lovely to catch up with her. She's a scientist and always knows such interesting things. She's planning her wedding and is the most relaxed bride I've ever encountered. Soon after she left our friend Juanique arrived (this was a very busy weekend for me!) She's moving to Bangkok in a few weeks which is very sad.

Now everyone's gone and I've sat outside with a cup of tea while Mr C cleaned his bike. I'm tired. I'm a little bit sick of people, however much I love them!
Vanity shot
Cuddles for Lylo

We're having take-away for dinner and this makes me very very happy. Just waiting for the Olympics to begin because I am so addicted to sport it's tragic...

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Admin - SBNG said...

Mr C would like to point out at this juncture that he went for a second, 35k ride in the afternoon prior to cleaning his bike... otherwise, there wouldn't have been much to clean!

The cake was VERY nice (I can attest to this - I wolfed down 3 slices - I could afford to do this, just, by dint of the previously mentioned ride), the company was very nice and it was very nice to be left by ourselves.

Although, when Ray & Donna visit it always seems like a very short visit and it would be good to see more of them. Ah well, maybe next weekend!