Monday, February 22, 2010


I was so tired last night that I forgot to mention the absolute highlight of the weekend. We had some time to kill in the Dandenongs and Kim talked about a restaurant that his family used to go to when he was a kid: The Cuckoo!
Yes, it's a Bavarian restaurant! I was off my head with excitement. The place is kitted out like a
Bavarian chalet and is fairly dripping with wooden carvings, cow bells and cuckoo clocks. All the girls were in their little Alpine Maid outfits and I suspect there were some chaps lurking in lederhosen. Frau Koeppen asked if we wanted to sit in Lover's Corner? You bet your boots we did. There were red and white checked tablecloths, lots of fake flowers and window boxes. Apparently there is oom pah pah music and slap dancing, though we got stuck with a cruise ship pianist who seemed to play endless variations of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. The place was packed to the rafters with a tourist bus load of elderly folk getting their value for money out of the smorgasbord. Yes, it was a temple of high kitsch, but there was so much sincerity behind it that it was quite endearing.
Heading party-ward, we decided to skip the Devonshire tea and just have a regular old tea and coffee. Our waitress, truly the Aryan ideal, right down to her blonde braids, turned up with a litre of each!
I was having the best time ever - it really was just too perfect. And just as I was wistfully saying the place needed a photographer, up popped a little old man who offered to take our photo. They come in a fancy envelope and look like something Kim's dad would have had taken during the war. I wanted one so, so badly! But I also wanted a felt hat with a feather, AND a cowbell, so my bemused honey has graciously decided he will take me back there for dinner. It looks like being a truly awful culinary experience but I can't wait. I'm not sure what the charm of the place is for me. Partly it's to do with Kim's folks being dead and if I can do something with him that his parents enjoyed then I'm happy and I feel like part of the family. Plus it's such a brilliantly kooky place! I want to celebrate my birthday there for the rest of my life.



donnasoowho said...

Don't forget to take me for dinner too!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous place. I have never heard of it. Loved the photos!!!! You'll have to go back for dinner so you can tell me the type of food they have. Did you train and bike to the Dandenongs or drive? M

Curvy Kitty said...

We drove out as we were on our way to a house warming. The traffic was pretty hairy up in the Dandenongs - lots of blind corners and very narrow roads. I'd still ride there though I'd think twice about riding out along the Burswood to get there. Pretty horrible.

Maggie said...

Hi Kate - hope you don't mind me dropping in to your blog. I showed your Mum my blog and she showed me yours... Feel free to cycle over to Wentworth anytime.
Maggie XXXX

Sailor Lily said...

I went there so often as a kid- loved that place and the smorgasboard rocks!!