Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mail order

I've been expecting a parcel in the mail for a week now, practically haunting the mail room at the Town Hall and hurrah! hurrah! it finally arrived. Today I got a new pair of jeans from Sydney store Retrospec'd. I was so excited that I popped them on straight away.
The garden is looking a little flattened because of all the heat so I'm glad we had some rain today. Little Jack was not at all happy about being taken out into the garden and scampered back to his nest as soon as this photo was taken. Our other boys are more than happy to show off.

Handsome Lylo (sans bling because he's just had a bath)

Gorgeous George

So today was a good day. I had quite a difficult day on Wednesday - very emotionally draining - work stuff. Makes me feel almost giddy and light to have gotten through it. Everything seems absolutely spiffy now! Plus Mr C's cooking dinner tonight so I get to lie around on the sofa reading my book (a biography of Jasper Maskelyne, conjurer and camouflage expert from WWII). Tomorrow we're off to dinner at Kamel so I'm looking forward to lots of yummy treats there. Mmm... Turkish delight icecream!


donnasoowho said...

I love the pants. There was a pair of shorts in a shop in Brisbane that I was trying to show Marg (that have the buttons on the side) except that we kept on detouring to look at other things so we didn't get to go past the shop again.... they were red!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the pants look lovely and so you. Felines purrfectly gorgeous. Glad jack is getting better. Mum.