Saturday, March 20, 2010

Charles or Vera?

Went for a leisurely bike ride this morning, Mr C, Miss Donna Soo and myself. Big news is that the Soo family is expecting a baby (finally I can tell people!) So no one unleashed the fury and the ride was conducted at a civilised, matronly pace. A fine breakfast was had at local cafe Grindhouse before we headed home. I was feeling a tad resentful about having to work at the library in the afternoon - I've worked ever so hard this week and been ever so busy - but it was a lovely shift. I was having a bit of a Frances Langford day, with a snood, my Freddie's of Pinewood jeans and a wrap top from Heyday (bare midriff!) Had a amiable chat with an elderly chap about Ginger Rogers, and with a young lady whose Auntie Em always wore a snood and red lipstick. I'm a vain, silly little piece and I do like the compliments - but the nicest thing is when I set people off reminiscing. I'm very happy to have people share their stories with me.

Being a helpful sort of lass I thought I'd give Donna a hand choosing a name for her baby (admittedly, it's the size of a prawn at the moment but it's always best to be prepared / have time to browbeat your partner round to your way of thinking). Most popular baby names of the 40s are a bit meh, so I went for those popular in the 20s, figuring that these would be the names of women living through the war years. So most young women in the 40s would have been called: Marjorie, Dorothy, Frances, Betty, Evelyn, Irene, Florence, Ruby, Edna, Lucille, Phyllis, Pauline, Geraldine, Patricia, Vera, Minnie, Alma, Margie. I believed I proposed a similar list when suggesting names for mum's chickens but don't let that put you off. (Yes, I'm overlooking boys names as they are largely tried and tested: Michael, Charles, Edward... Though there's a lot to be said for good old fashioned names. Which is why we have a cat called Lyle.)


Anonymous said...

Good Lord. Tim has spent all afternoon doing the exact same thing (coming up with names for baby that is). His top picks include:

Percy (!!!!)

and any name that 'sounds like it's a last name for a first name'. Apparently they almost called their first born Percy (can you imagine?).

He also likes Gertie for a girl (bah!).

Admin - SBNG said...

I'll have to remember the brow-beaten partner bit.

Lyle is a nice old fashioned name. Until you realise that he's actually named after Trotsky's brother - the infamous Lyle Trotsky, the more bolshie of the two.

Proud Womon said...

ooh, in 1929 my mother was named "Valeria" - she haaated it - needless to say she told everyone her name was Valerie but she soon started using her middle name Judith - and Judy is what she's known by to this day (81 now)...

Curvy Kitty said...

Don't let Tim any where near your baby! Though the Gertie bit made me smile as that was my grandad's nickname for my nanna (her real name was Florence).

I love Valeria as a name. Though it does sound a little like a cinema. Sounds most awfully posh!

Naughty Lyle Trotsky!

Proud Womon said...

never thought about it sounding like a cinema - 'spooky' you should say that because she was the head cashier at the Palais (and Luna Park) for most of my childhood years!!!!! posh, nah - working class through and through - means "to be healthy, strong" (a necessity in working class australia in the 40s (and earlier, and beyond!!!!!)