Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling poorly

I am STILL sick. Bit worried about getting to work tomorrow. Because of the Easter holidays it's been very hard to get an appointment with a doctor - so many people are on holiday already. I have to wait until Saturday before I can see anyone. Suspect this means Easter will be a cycling-free holiday.


Anonymous said...

No good lady!! Hope you feel better soon. Would have thought any bugs would have flushed out of your system by now! Sorry to hear about no riding (altho mine will be too). I might go for a walk on Sunday morning, but otherwise am planning to sleep in!!

Sailor Lily said...

oh being sick sucks. now my hubby is sick again with a cold, so I'll be on duty with Finn all weekend, and I have the sniffles too!
take care!

larrythelibrarian said...

I was sick migraine, nausea and out of sorts for the first week of hols.
But have resurrected my cycle which was serviced when I moved to Fitzroy and never used. I have had tow cycles alongside merri creek and life is good

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better now and whatever it was has been identified, remedied and farewelled. Perhaps chcolotae easter eggs are the surprise antidote.

Fair Isle top looks divine. Very spring.