Saturday, March 20, 2010

Round the back of the arches

We've gone multimedia crazy here at Robot Command! It's a shame that the only person who reads my blog doesn't have speakers to enjoy it...

This is Flanagan and Allen in what appears to be a morale boosting performance in a factory canteen. Looking at the workers makes me realise a) that I have a very cushy job and b) that I scrub up awfully well for a 40s lady.

Round the back of the grey skies, there's a lining of blue
There's a crack in the grey skies, for the sun to come through
And when the storm clouds all roll over
I shall meet old pals again
Round the back of the arches
Down in Sunnyside Lane


Proud Womon said...

you do 'scrub up well' - but then you live in a different era and haven't been through the same 'hard times' - ahh, there's just something about choice and romanticism hey?

Curvy Kitty said...

It certainly was a remarkable generation. Apart from aesthetic appeal, I'm motivated a great deal by admiration for those who lived through that time. I know it's certainly helped in my life to have this model of courage and determination in the face of hard times. I hope that I've read enough not to be too romantic about it!

Curvy Kitty said...
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Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful song (wish I could hear it.) It shall be my anthem from now on.
I am reading 'Come Tell Me How You Live'by Agatha Christie Mallowan and feel the urge to escape to a dig in the Syrian desert. (Don't add Agatha to the list of baby names though.) The phrases are lovely: 'Max is eating tea in the present but his mind is orughly about 4000BC; 'Disagreeing with tthe Turkish Douanier's opinion that I have too many shoes, I proceed to buy some more! Shoes in Syria are a delight to buy. If your size is not available they are made for you in a couple of days - of good leather, perfectly fitting'.