Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silver lining

I've been feeling poorly and a little at odds with the world. The book I've been reading has let me down (Cover stories: narrative and ideology in the British spy thriller - turns out it's a Marxist postmodern cultural theory piece. I can't make head nor tail of it and I'm finding I have limited interested in 'protopolitical responses to the historical dilemma'.) Sbs news is depressing. The Grand Prix at Albert Park is giving me a headache and I have to work tomorrow. One of my friends, Penny, is moving to Canberra at the end of the year so that's sad too. Plus, the football season's started. Meh.

On the plus side, there's Jean Harlow. Sexy, funny and apparently a real swell lady too. I've a great deal of affection for her.

What an absolute honey. She died sadly young at just 26 years of age. I managed to watch Dinner at eight while I was sick. What a magnificent cast! Marie Dressler, some Barrymores, Billie Burke and Wallace Beery. Harlow plays the most magnificent gold digging floozy, seeming to relish the role. The other great thing is that she doesn't wear any underwear at all, in satin dresses so tight she was famously sewn into them. I followed this with Red dust - a pre-Hays code ripper. Gable can be a little too emphatically masculine for my taste but Harlow is a real delight. I couldn't find Public enemy - a surprise because I love James Cagney - so I'll be ordering some more dvds soon.


Anonymous said...

Boo Kitty hope you are feeling a bit more chirpy now. We're lucky we can't hear the GP from our place!

I'm up bidding for things on ebay. Is that a bit ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better now, though a good movie surely takes you into another world for a while. I am finding that I can almost hear the goats bleating, see the vivid desert wildflowers blooming on the hilsides, smell the greasy food that is served daily and feel the excitement of the dig as I soak up Agathie Christie's tale of life on a Syyrian archealogical expedition in the 1930s. Later, I soaked up my era with a renewed viewing of 1969's Easy Rider. Loved the music (mostly) and the scenery but the ending always saddens me. M

Proud Womon said...

i can empathise re the headache living right here in the 'thick of things' - i've been living on ibuprofen all weekend...

Admin - SBNG said...

The success of winning the bassinette going to your head? Surely ebay is a good bet for most of the baby stuff you need? I love online shopping so I'm not going to talk you out of it!

M - glad you're having better luck with your reading than I. Pleased that you are enjoying Agatha. I can still remember how shocked I was at the ending of Easy Rider. Shocking too to see how sick Dennis Hopper is these days.

Proudie - you poor poor thing! All over now thankfully!