Sunday, March 14, 2010

Songs that won the war

Only for the stout at heart! Really, I did try and spare you the worst of it.

Don't let's be beastly to the Germans - apparently Churchill loved this when it was performed for him but somehow it didn't go down so well with radio audiences. Ultimately banned by the BBC.

I'm going to get lit up
- written by Hubert Gregg, who worked for BBC Germany and spoke German so well that Goebbels assumed he was a German traitor.

London pride - 'Extraordinary how potent cheap music is' - so said Noel Coward and this song proves him right.

I did what I could with my gas mask - chiefly because I love the ukelele solo at the end. In the Jasper Fforde novels George Formby is prime minister of England for life.

Run rabbit run - the story goes that when the Luftwaffe launched their first air strikes all they killed where two bunny rabbits. Wierdly influential on Pink Floyd and The Clash, who both referenced the lyrics in their songs.

I've got the deepest shelter in town - 'sung by Florence Desmond whose first husband, incidentally, was one of the winners of the 1934 London to Melbourne Centenary Air Race, Tom Campbell Black' (thanks to Airminded for that bit of info) A very naughty song!

(We're going to) hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line
- the BBC WW2 People's War has one Private Ronald Ritson who did indeed hang out his washing on the barbed wire of the Siegfried Line.

All other facts courtesy of Wikipedia. So it must be true.

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Anonymous said...

I know all about Tom Campbell Black and the air race and even have a photo of him celebrating in a Mebourne hotel after his win. A naughty song indeed as I clicked to Airminded for the lyrics!

Curvy Kitty said...

But didn't you listen to it????