Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From the doorstep

I've locked myself out of the house so I'm blogging from the back doorstep. Not even a cat to keep me company.

I'll start with the nerdy part of the post. You’ve got to love resource sharing in libraries. I know this probably doesn’t sound all that thrilling for most of you but think, I can get pretty much anything I want from any library within Australia or New Zealand, be it a national, state, academic or public library – for FREE! This is fantastic if you want to track down an original edition of 1940s pulp fiction, an obscure turn of the century French mystery, or a classic movie only ever released on vhs – all things I have requested and received.

My current inter library loan joy is cds; in particular, songs of the war years. I’ve managed to track down such wonderful titles as….
  • We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line
  • Shh, it's a military secret
  • Obey your air warden
  • This is the army, Mr. Jones
  • Comin' in on a wing and a prayer
  • Captain of the clouds
  • I left my heart at the stage door canteen
  • He wears a pair of silver wings
  • The deepest shelter in town
  • Cleanin' my rifle (and dreamin' of you)
I’ve also found a list of the number one books of the 40s. I’d be keen for this as another reading project but I’m still working through the history of the thriller – a project interrupted by my latest falling out with the crazy meds – so I’m not too sure when I’ll get around to it. And frankly, some of these hit songs aren't exactly iTunes worthy so I'm not sure how fabulous the books will be. I could end up with the Dan Brown of 42.

Other frivolous news: I finally got an order from Freddie’s of Pinewood. F of P and I haven’t had much luck together but as they’ve a new postal method and as I simply couldn’t resist their outfits, I just had to give them another go. And behold! My new F of P jeans and top!

As soon as I get around to putting a mp3 widget on the blog I'll share some of my new music with you.


Admin - SBNG said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't you look cute as a button! You're not still out there now are you? Lucky you have your iphone for instant entertainment!

Admin - SBNG said...

And you LOOK absolutely lovely!

Anonymous said...

Top is terrific and VERY flattering. Jeans very stylish. Hair so long and dark.
I remember you got a 1950s book The Moonflower from the Macquarie library in the University of Sydney (or somewhere like that). Give us some of the titles you are tracking down.