Sunday, April 11, 2010

A fine weekend

I've been frightfully busy at work and I'm looking forward to some time off. I'm home from the library, I've popped a cake in the oven and I'm soon going to settle down to watch another episode of The Pacific. I'm hoping we'll get some more rain.

Mum came up from the country last week and I got to spend a wonderful day with her in the big city. As is tradition, we met at the art gallery - the only place in town to get a decent cup of tea these days. The tea rooms are extremely generous with their tea, you easily get four cups out of a pot and their afternoon tea service is divine. We stuffed ourselves (elegantly!) with little pastry savouries, salmon sandwiches, scones and jam and cream and petite fours. My photos are all terrible so you'll have to imagine ladylike morsels on a three tiered cake stand. I'm going to sound like an old lady, but really, the place was run by children. I can't help but look at service industries these days and think 'well I wouldn't let my team run like that'. I'm going to be a very severe old lady I suspect.
We then did a quick lap of the Tea and Zen exhibition. I don't know if we missed a few rooms but it seemed a bit heavy on the zen and a tad light on the tea. We saw the catalogue after and we must have missed a good deal of the exhibition. What we did see was absolutely charming - Chinese, Japanese and Korean tea accoutrements from the 13th and 16th centuries. I adore ceramics so I may need to pop back. There were also some lovely little Japanese nature studies in a concertina book - paintings of insects and flowers - that was quite, quite beautiful. I may have to go back for another, more thorough, look. Oh I am such a dill! The exhibition is still being set up and opens on April 15. I guess we had a sneak peek!

We then popped off to Readers' Feast to stock up on some vintage crime - Josephine Tey and, surprisingly, a 1922 effort by A. A. Milne. I also picked up a copy of Secret Lives, diaries from the Mass Observation Project during the post-war austerity years - currently on its way to Bolwarra for mum to read. There's also a new book on Operation Mincemeat that I'd like to get my hands on.

Afternoon tea at the gallery made me realise that I need a hat and some gloves. I've been hunting high and low for some coloured leather gloves for winter and Mr C may have found some on Chapel Street. Hats are a bit more difficult. I'm not really sure how to do my hair for a hat so I'll have to do some experimenting. I would love a little picture hat like these from 1940s Vogue.
This little fancy is from local milliner Louise Macdonald and is called a High Tea Whimsy. It is shockingly expensive!!! I want it very, very much!


Anonymous said...

I hesitate to suggest this, but I purchased the finest, warmest leather gloves last year from Target. Truly. I am also going to get sound because I wanted so badly to sing along with F and G. Hats are a trifle scary I'm afraid but would definitely add a touch of elegance to the tea rooms. I am so glad the exhibition had not opened yet as I was beginning to think the gallery's standards were slipping. But I do want a copy of the nature book, so when you go back do some quick sketches and see if you can replicate it (hint: mothers day coming up).

Sailor Lily said...

if you want that little piece of whimsy then we are going to set up a fund! I'm so glad you had a relaxed weekend, you've earnt it.
lovely blog, it made me want tea quite desperately. ah, here it comes, gosh my hubby's swell!