Sunday, May 2, 2010

The V of H Disaster

My what a busy week it's been! Anzac Day seems an age away. We went to the dawn service (very moving) then I met some work colleagues for a celebratory birthday lunch (pleasant but the food a bit meh). The library has been super busy: there have been a few challenges over the last few days but it only reminds me how much I love my job and how much I care about what we do. This weekend has been spent with bike friends: hanging out in bike stores, drinking lots of tea and talking cycling.

This week was also the week of the V of H Disaster! As you may recall, I snapped up a 1940s repro dress on sale at Vivien of Holloway's in London. Just what I needed to wear to my dad's wedding and a bargain too. Well the parcel arrived at work this week and I scurried to the bathroom to try it on. Disaster! They'd sent me the wrong size! I've bought many items from this store before so I know what my size is and this dress ain't it - it's absolutely ginormous! My dress maker sister has advised that it is so big that it may be too difficult to cut down and remake (something complicated to do with armholes). It's a beautiful dress, in lovely fabric and it was the last one! I'm able to return it but because of the sale there's not much to choose from as a replacement. Plus there's the drama of things going backwards and forwards between Melbourne and London. Sigh. Very disappointing.

Better news is to do with this sweet cape that I will be buying next week. Yes, I know I'm saving for gloves but I just couldn't pass this up. It's made from vintage fabric and is actually a cycling cape. It's made by a Sydney mob called Rocket Fuel. I'll be placing my order for that come pay day! I've got a few other items on the way. A lovely dark green pair of trousers that are being made up for me by Heyday in London. They're ready now so should be on their way to me next week. Big yay because I've been waiting on them for a while. I've also got a super gorgeous order being made by a seamstress in California. She specialises in vintage patterns in vintage fabrics. It really deserves a separate blog post because it really is something special! I'm so lucky that there are enthusiastic and talented people out there doing beautiful things for vintage folk.

There was another, nicer surprise in the mail this week. My mum sent me a gift from Bolwarra. She'd knitted me a scarf! It's a beautiful grey blue colour, very soft and very warm. Just perfect now that the Indian summer has finally faded. It's so nice to get a surprise in the mail - and even nicer to have one made with such love.

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donnasoowho said...

Ha have you managed to convince your mum to knit you that little short sleeved jumper with the beads on it yet? That's boo about the dress... could you at all take it to a local dress maker and get them to replicate it in your size, and then sell the other dress on ebay?