Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feathers and furs

I went to a wedding during the week and it was surprisingly charming. I mean, I wasn't feeling too romantically inclined - it was Tuesday night and I was feeling cold and tired and the day at work had been long. Nor was I feeling super glamorous as I was more worried about keeping warm. I wore my new high waisted black wool trousers from Anton's with a scoop necked black wool jumper. Not terrifically vintage so I added some diamanté drop earrings and my grandmother's crystal necklace. There are, of course, no photos of the event because the venue was all mood lighting (ie pitch dark).

The service was delightful and perfectly reflected the character of the couple involved. (I have to confess to a bit of window shopping here.) It was also great to catch up with colleagues from work both old and new. And even though Miss Goody Two Shoes and I got a parking ticket it was a lovely evening.

I followed this up by several days of migraine spent lying in the dark with the cats. I must have been pretty sick because I didn't think of work once! I ran out of things to read so I finally picked up the biography of Gypsy Rose Lee that's been kicking around our place for ages now. It was actually quite a good read - more because of Gypsy herself than the writing which was a bit ordinary. The author somehow managed to write an entire book about a strip tease artiste and only described one routine. Bewildering! I think there's a more recent bio out that I may track down - because I've fallen in love with the lady.

I'd recently watched The notorious Bettie Page which was amazingly dull (though I did rather like Gretchen Moll!) so I thought I'd raise my spirits with a bit of a burlesque movie festival. I started out with the ghastly Gypsy (and it wasn't even the Natalie Wood version not that I like that one either). I hated it. I hate Stephen Sondheim so I fast forwarded through the songs. I can't believe I did that - I LOVE musicals. Bette Middler shouted a lot. The girl who played Gypsy had swell gams but the burlesque scenes were magnificently unalluring. The worst thing was knowing how much of a misrepresentation it was. Gypsy's mum was a monster. Absolute. Monster. Made me angry to watch her being rehabilitated.

I followed it up with some of my favorite Betty Grable movies: Pin up girl and The Dolly sisters. Lots of feathers and furs, sequins and sparkly bits. I've never wanted a corset so much in my life. Betty is my fashion icon. I then gave Rita Hayworth a go in Covergirl. There are more silly little picture hats per reel than in any other film and you know I'm simply crazy about a flibberty hat! And because I was in the neighbourhood I rounded off the day with Gilda. What a fashion festival! Now my young man is home and it's time to peel off the long black satin gloves (slowly) and start cooking dinner.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s that man again!

Yay! A day off! Spending most of the day watching films with the cats.

The perils of Pauline (1947) stars Betty Hutton, not one of my favourite actresses. She has great hair and a mighty singing voice but she tends to yell her lines and it all gets a bit tiring. In this film she stars as silent movie actress Pearl White so her overacting is quite in keeping and, indeed, is frequently laughed at. It features some fabulous scenes that re-enact the famous cliff-hanging two reelers of the 1914 series. Most delightful.

Love laughs at Andy Hardy (1946) features another actor I don’t like, Mickey Rooney. The film was a trifle dull, all small time preachy but the fashions are absolutely fabulous examples of college style. I have to admit that Rooney actually did quite a good job, being remarkably relaxed, a real natural. I’d be keen to see him in some of the earlier Andy Hardy films where he was paired with Judy Garland, but these are surprisingly hard to get hold of here.

I started to feel a tad guilty about still being in my pyjamas so I popped on a radio show and did the dusting and ironing. It’s that man again (more commonly known as ITMA) ran from 1939 -49 in over 300 editions and had worldwide listeners numbering over 30 million. Named after the phrase commonly used to describe Hitler, the show was essential listening during the war. It’s that quintessentially British comedy - ever so absurd! You can see how influential it was on radio shows to come, the Goon Show for instance. Now, I’m not in the habit of listening to the radio so I found I had to concentrate awfully hard - though the show is known for its rapid delivery! There are many famous catch-phrases associated with the show:
  • Can I do you now, sir? (Mrs Mopp the char lady)
  • I don’t mind if I do (Colonel Chinstrap turning every innocent remark into an offer of a drink)
  • After you, Claude - no, after you, Cecil (moving men)
Back to watching films. TTFN! (Ta ta for now!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not going according to plan

My cat has dementia. This is very hard. His poor little head has become furry on the inside. I love him so much.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My New Keyboard!

I have a keyboard.

But not just any keyboard - an iPad keyboard.

It's utterly FABULOSO!

That is all.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Message to the world

If you're going to apply for a job, how about addressing the key selection criteria? Just an idea, mind.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What the hell have I been doing??

I've been a bit silent over the last week. You've missed out on such fabulous episodes as The Spam Experiment, Struggles With My Hairdresser, Crazy Meds and What Happens When You Don't Take Them (NOT my fault, honest) and the incident In Which I Experience An Epiphany As A Result Of A Pop Quiz. All this AND my beloved buys me an iPad!

So basically, I ran out of the crazy meds and got a bit bummed out. My glamorous and self-indulgent day off turned in to an epic schlep through the Slough of Despond. I got my eyebrows done which I guess was nice. Until I realised I'd left my money at home and had to call my young man away from his new job to come up to the beautician and bale me out. Plus my regular beautician was away and so no one there knew me and must have thought I was a) particularly pathetic and b) quite insane.

I then went to my hairdresser. And here I must emphasise that I really am good at my job and can successfully manage a large number of staff and all the assorted crazies that present themselves. But there's something about a hairdresser that just defeats me. I'd trotted along with my little book of hairdressing instructions from the 1940s, at which she nodded respectfully before proceeding to give me a haircut not even remotely resembling it. At this stage I didn't really care. I think I'd almost convinced myself that I could do a better job myself (I did say I wasn't feeling too sensible). But I did feel a tad miffed when a young tradie came in and asked for a 'rugby player' haircut - and my hairdresser went on to spend 20 minutes with him discussing the possibilities of this style. That's right: the 'possibilities' of this 'style'.

So not only do I not have the style I was after, it turns out that the hair dye she used has straightened and stiffened my hair. I'm now living a curl free existence and IT IS FREAKING ME OUT! It was in this frame of mind that I went and bought some Spam. All I can say is that I tried to feed the stuff to the cats and two of them looked at me as though I was out of my mind. Lyle liked it though. But Lyle likes to eat the heads off possums.

The silver lining to all this is that I went to training with Nathan Fillion from Castle (I spent the first half of the day wracking my brain to think of which actor he reminded me of; the second half congratulating myself on figuring it out) in which we did personality quizzes. Turns out that I'm nowhere near as organised and authoritative as I thought I was. Turns out that I am really freaking annoying to most of the people I know! True. Apparently, I'm disorganised and I forget things. (I know this will surprise so many of you.) So yep, I've been living in dreamland at work. But now that my colleagues know this about me they've been really nice and we've been getting on extraordinarily well - even when I walked away from a conversation because the details were starting to bore me! (Work readers please note: I shall use this epiphany to improve my work behaviour. At least I will next week.)

Oh yeah, and I got an iPad.