Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feathers and furs

I went to a wedding during the week and it was surprisingly charming. I mean, I wasn't feeling too romantically inclined - it was Tuesday night and I was feeling cold and tired and the day at work had been long. Nor was I feeling super glamorous as I was more worried about keeping warm. I wore my new high waisted black wool trousers from Anton's with a scoop necked black wool jumper. Not terrifically vintage so I added some diamanté drop earrings and my grandmother's crystal necklace. There are, of course, no photos of the event because the venue was all mood lighting (ie pitch dark).

The service was delightful and perfectly reflected the character of the couple involved. (I have to confess to a bit of window shopping here.) It was also great to catch up with colleagues from work both old and new. And even though Miss Goody Two Shoes and I got a parking ticket it was a lovely evening.

I followed this up by several days of migraine spent lying in the dark with the cats. I must have been pretty sick because I didn't think of work once! I ran out of things to read so I finally picked up the biography of Gypsy Rose Lee that's been kicking around our place for ages now. It was actually quite a good read - more because of Gypsy herself than the writing which was a bit ordinary. The author somehow managed to write an entire book about a strip tease artiste and only described one routine. Bewildering! I think there's a more recent bio out that I may track down - because I've fallen in love with the lady.

I'd recently watched The notorious Bettie Page which was amazingly dull (though I did rather like Gretchen Moll!) so I thought I'd raise my spirits with a bit of a burlesque movie festival. I started out with the ghastly Gypsy (and it wasn't even the Natalie Wood version not that I like that one either). I hated it. I hate Stephen Sondheim so I fast forwarded through the songs. I can't believe I did that - I LOVE musicals. Bette Middler shouted a lot. The girl who played Gypsy had swell gams but the burlesque scenes were magnificently unalluring. The worst thing was knowing how much of a misrepresentation it was. Gypsy's mum was a monster. Absolute. Monster. Made me angry to watch her being rehabilitated.

I followed it up with some of my favorite Betty Grable movies: Pin up girl and The Dolly sisters. Lots of feathers and furs, sequins and sparkly bits. I've never wanted a corset so much in my life. Betty is my fashion icon. I then gave Rita Hayworth a go in Covergirl. There are more silly little picture hats per reel than in any other film and you know I'm simply crazy about a flibberty hat! And because I was in the neighbourhood I rounded off the day with Gilda. What a fashion festival! Now my young man is home and it's time to peel off the long black satin gloves (slowly) and start cooking dinner.

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Sailor Lily said...

Gilda is just the BEST!!!