Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s that man again!

Yay! A day off! Spending most of the day watching films with the cats.

The perils of Pauline (1947) stars Betty Hutton, not one of my favourite actresses. She has great hair and a mighty singing voice but she tends to yell her lines and it all gets a bit tiring. In this film she stars as silent movie actress Pearl White so her overacting is quite in keeping and, indeed, is frequently laughed at. It features some fabulous scenes that re-enact the famous cliff-hanging two reelers of the 1914 series. Most delightful.

Love laughs at Andy Hardy (1946) features another actor I don’t like, Mickey Rooney. The film was a trifle dull, all small time preachy but the fashions are absolutely fabulous examples of college style. I have to admit that Rooney actually did quite a good job, being remarkably relaxed, a real natural. I’d be keen to see him in some of the earlier Andy Hardy films where he was paired with Judy Garland, but these are surprisingly hard to get hold of here.

I started to feel a tad guilty about still being in my pyjamas so I popped on a radio show and did the dusting and ironing. It’s that man again (more commonly known as ITMA) ran from 1939 -49 in over 300 editions and had worldwide listeners numbering over 30 million. Named after the phrase commonly used to describe Hitler, the show was essential listening during the war. It’s that quintessentially British comedy - ever so absurd! You can see how influential it was on radio shows to come, the Goon Show for instance. Now, I’m not in the habit of listening to the radio so I found I had to concentrate awfully hard - though the show is known for its rapid delivery! There are many famous catch-phrases associated with the show:
  • Can I do you now, sir? (Mrs Mopp the char lady)
  • I don’t mind if I do (Colonel Chinstrap turning every innocent remark into an offer of a drink)
  • After you, Claude - no, after you, Cecil (moving men)
Back to watching films. TTFN! (Ta ta for now!)

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