Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What the hell have I been doing??

I've been a bit silent over the last week. You've missed out on such fabulous episodes as The Spam Experiment, Struggles With My Hairdresser, Crazy Meds and What Happens When You Don't Take Them (NOT my fault, honest) and the incident In Which I Experience An Epiphany As A Result Of A Pop Quiz. All this AND my beloved buys me an iPad!

So basically, I ran out of the crazy meds and got a bit bummed out. My glamorous and self-indulgent day off turned in to an epic schlep through the Slough of Despond. I got my eyebrows done which I guess was nice. Until I realised I'd left my money at home and had to call my young man away from his new job to come up to the beautician and bale me out. Plus my regular beautician was away and so no one there knew me and must have thought I was a) particularly pathetic and b) quite insane.

I then went to my hairdresser. And here I must emphasise that I really am good at my job and can successfully manage a large number of staff and all the assorted crazies that present themselves. But there's something about a hairdresser that just defeats me. I'd trotted along with my little book of hairdressing instructions from the 1940s, at which she nodded respectfully before proceeding to give me a haircut not even remotely resembling it. At this stage I didn't really care. I think I'd almost convinced myself that I could do a better job myself (I did say I wasn't feeling too sensible). But I did feel a tad miffed when a young tradie came in and asked for a 'rugby player' haircut - and my hairdresser went on to spend 20 minutes with him discussing the possibilities of this style. That's right: the 'possibilities' of this 'style'.

So not only do I not have the style I was after, it turns out that the hair dye she used has straightened and stiffened my hair. I'm now living a curl free existence and IT IS FREAKING ME OUT! It was in this frame of mind that I went and bought some Spam. All I can say is that I tried to feed the stuff to the cats and two of them looked at me as though I was out of my mind. Lyle liked it though. But Lyle likes to eat the heads off possums.

The silver lining to all this is that I went to training with Nathan Fillion from Castle (I spent the first half of the day wracking my brain to think of which actor he reminded me of; the second half congratulating myself on figuring it out) in which we did personality quizzes. Turns out that I'm nowhere near as organised and authoritative as I thought I was. Turns out that I am really freaking annoying to most of the people I know! True. Apparently, I'm disorganised and I forget things. (I know this will surprise so many of you.) So yep, I've been living in dreamland at work. But now that my colleagues know this about me they've been really nice and we've been getting on extraordinarily well - even when I walked away from a conversation because the details were starting to bore me! (Work readers please note: I shall use this epiphany to improve my work behaviour. At least I will next week.)

Oh yeah, and I got an iPad.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I am curious about the hair. I think maybe we said we'd have dinner at the wknd but I am feeling forgetful and disorganised too (maybe we're related?) so can we postpone although potentially maybe we could still catch up but not for dinner? Have to give Mista C is DVDs back... We're going to Ikea on Sunday (and a petstore in Richmond) so if you were around maybe after that?

Curvy Kitty said...

Oh dinner = forgot. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday so maybe bit tired. Oh except Monday is a holiday so that could be ok after all! I get excited when I hear petstore - is there the pitter patter of little paws?

Anonymous said...

Ah never mind. Monday not sure- I have an afternoon tea engagement and we are meant to be constructing the ikea furniture... but maybe if you felt like a jaunt over our way? Non we are just going to buy Bella an automatic feeder to see if we can get her to stop scoffing her biscuits. Her complaining for food this evening was BEYOND annoying but then she settled down (after about 3 hours of complaining) and looked so cute on the couch (see facebook photo).

Sailor Lily said...

your hair is pretty and very vintage.
your curl will return.
you rock at work.
please plan on that whacky thing called lunch. daily. it makes things feel smoother.

when I'm miserable I read 'The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock'
Now there was someone having a truly bleak existence.


Curvy Kitty said...

Ah lunch... Promise I'll be better prepared tomorrow!