Monday, July 5, 2010

Le Sigh

Bipolar 101 goes something like this:

Rule no. 1 - thou shalt get a routine and stick to it like glue

Rule no. 2 - thou shalt not stay up past your bedtime

In other words - bye bye Tour de France, hello headache, being quarrelsome, calling in sick for work, realizing that you have to go to work because you have new staff starting, going to work decidedly lacking in zip and sparkle, being cranky, coming home and falling asleep on the floor with the cats. Actually I quite liked that last bit.

Hanging out with Barbara Stanwyck.

Apparently Barbara never rode a bike. Here's Betty Grable!


Sailor Lily said...

is that bipolar 101? gosh it sounds like being a tired and grumpy mummy-bear...who has conjunctivitis and looks a lot like Miss Piggy right now. Hope you sleep well.

Proud Womon said...

sounds just like an ageing grumpy old woman - hey, that's me...

Anonymous said...

Sounds awful - hope you're not vomiting!

Stephanie Tighe said...

HI wacked out and spacious. take it easy on the workload,and enjoy the Tour de France.

had a bad spell last night 6-07 myself, so no the end is nigh for the travelling ( who cares I hear you cry) At least you had a BS film to end your evening.

Stig roma calling