Sunday, July 4, 2010

Le Tour!

My Tour de France hasn't started so well. I just couldn't wake up at 2am. Too, too sleepy. Hurrah for Tivo! I came home from work today and got to watch it with the cats, cheering at the tv.
Rita Hayworth goes on a cycling picnic

I got struck down by another mystery migraine this week. Not having much fun. Feeling pretty grumpy. The finger is currently pointed at chocolate, of which I have rather freely indulged of late, but it might just be the result going out after work and getting over tired. Went to see Farewell - an espionage film about the Cold War. It's an absolute ripper! Haven't enjoyed a modern film for such a long time. I would thoroughly recommend it. Also saw the preview for Me and Orson Welles. Yes, it has teen idol Zach Ephron in it - meh, I know - but it's set in the 40s and looks pretty. Had a bit of a crotchety old woman moment because the theatre ticket cost $17.50!!!!! Isn't that a bit expensive? There was an audience of six for our film so perhaps they might want to rethink their prices! Admittedly, everyone else wore fur coats so presumably very happy to pay that much. I did have a nice choc top though. Como Cinema. Avoid.

Watching Miss Marple. Normally I would rather stick a red hot poker in my eye (I do have rather strong views about the unsuitability of this Miss M). But the costumes really are wonderful. Makes me feel a little depressed. I am so greedy for clothes.

Also grumpy because my headache prevented me from going to the gallery for afternoon tea, one of my favourite things to do.

Meanwhile, Jack has used me as a litter tray three times this week. He's also got fleas, for which I blame Lyle - he does keep rather low company (ie. dead things). I am so sick of having to wash things. I need a treat.

The only ray of sunshine is the ad for the mini series on Bob Hawke. Looks like pure comedy. Could any actors look less like the people they are supposed to portray?!
A silly picture hat to raise the spirits!

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Anonymous said...

I've barely watched any of the Tour yet either... (but am planning to watch the recording tonight). Feel all a bit out o it. I was horrified that the movies cost about $17 now too!! And that popcorn, a drink and a choc top costs $22!!!

We can go to the art gallery for a-noon tea some other time. We ended up not going anyway cause my back hurt.

larrythelibrarian said...

Hey Kitty, It is so hard to play the blame game with migraines and fooodstuff. I generally blame the change in weather. Sadly I feel that they really come with mood swings.