Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love that man

I forgot my beloved's birthday yesterday. I was so busy thinking about work that I didn't wish him a happy birthday until a good half hour after we got up. Whoops... Sadly, we both had to work but we've only really had one day together over the past three months so we're kinda used to it. I guess. Good thing we both love our jobs. Anyway, we both worked and both ended up staying late. Then it took AGES to get to Footscray where we were having dinner with Donna and Ray. Luckily dinner was super yum and I had my first tiramisu. Mmmmm.... It was a bit of a tired and grumpy day and it got worse when Alberto Contador beat Andy Schleck in the time trial. Grrrr.

So we both worked today as well and it looks like I'll end up watching the end of Masterchef on my own.

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Sailor Lily said...

hope all the TV was soothing and the dinner was some of that great African going on in Footscray. take care and have good sleeps