Saturday, August 28, 2010

Operation Kitty Cat

The last two days have been absolutely TRAUMATIC. Late Thursday night we discovered we were to have a property inspection on Saturday. Apart from having to do a massive clean up, there was the little matter of cats. We're not supposed to have pets here and we, of course, have three of the critters. The ban was so complete that I had previously been threatened with eviction and had to fight the matter with the help of the Tenants' Union. So I was in a complete PANIC about the inspection. We had to hide three cats, plus the neighbour's cat we're babysitting. And we only have one cat cage. And Kim would be at work so I'd have to sort it myself. EEEEEEEKKK!!!

So at 8.30 this morning I found myself packing cats into archive boxes and sticky taping the lids shut. Miss Goody Two Shoes kindly came over to offer her cat relocation services and we took the beasties to a friend's place. The apartment was looking pretty good but I was so nervous I couldn't sit still.

Eventually the real estate agent came around. Now this man is famous for being very grumpy, gruff and rude. But he takes one look at me and says 'You look like Katharine Hepburn'. 'Why I love Katharine Hepburn', says I. And we proceed to spend the next 20 minutes talking about Joan Crawford, Betty Grable's legs, big bands and the dreadful state of modern music. Then the bastard asks me how my cat is. Bugger. Apparently the matter is now at rest and it's ok for me to have a cat (one cat, so the poor deluded devil thinks). I'm not supposed to tell the neighbours in case they want cats (though they're already pretty well supplied in that direction).

So yippee yi yay!!! Property inspection over. He loves us as tenants. He loves the apartment. He loves my (lone) cat. Now I can relax and wait for Kim to liberate the cats.

Like a good librarian, I store my cats in neatly labelled archive boxes, displayed here with Miss Goody Two Shoes.

Freakin' hilarious.

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Miss Matilda said...

Love, love,love this post!!

Congrats on your lone cat!! xx

singletracking said...

Golly, I thought you had two cats... but three! :-) Boxed cats is too funny - were they crazy when released?

Curvy Kitty said...

The drive home with them was pretty funny. They were waaaaay pissed off! I bought their love with extra rations of smoosh so all fed and asleep in front of the heater now. So glad that I never have to do that again!

donnasoowho said...

(hope your Real Estate agent doesn't read your blog). Glad it all went well - remember next time we've got a cat holder for Bella that you can borrow.

Pollyanna_H said...

What a well-executed operation!