Sunday, September 26, 2010

Herr meets hare (1945)

What a peach of a day! Got my washing dried on the line in the sun for the first time in months and had lovely cups of tea with neighbors and friends. A swell weekend, even though the football was a draw. My sweetie is cooking dinner tonight so I've plenty of time to sit around blogging about Bugs Bunny!

This week's Sunday afternoon matinee is one of my faves. It's pretty hard to come by so all I've got for you now is a link. It's A Warner Bros short with Bugs and Goering. Lots of sources will tell you it was never shown but my bible of war cartoons says otherwise. In the late 30s the Hays Code wouldn't allow anyone to mock the fascists (being mindful of the studio's income from overseas markets). Yep, you could mock black folk but not Hitler. By 1945 this cartoon would have been entirely acceptable so I can't see that it wouldn't have been released. Needless to say, it certainly isn't shown these days!

This was directed by Friz Freleng and was one of WB's last major wartime cartoons. Apart from the hilarious impersonation of Hitler it's remarkable for being the first time Bugs Bunny realizes he 'shoulda made that left turn at Albequerque'. It also features a Wagnerian scene that would later be spun out by Chuck Jones in What's Opera, Doc?

View Herr meets hare

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