Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rice and old shoes

The first two days of my trip to Perth were completely consumed by The Wedding. My dad was marrying a sweet little Italian widow, largely to stop her being bullied by the nasty Italian community in Fremantle for living with a man WHO WAS NOT HER HUSBAND!!! Oh, and because they're in love...

My sister works for a hair product company so organized for her stylist to colour and set my hair. It took for freaking ages and the results were depressing. My hair has gone completely straight. No one knows why. I miss my crazy curls. For documentary evidence of this phenomena I include this picture.

Now forget you ever saw that.

My sister made cupcakes for the wedding. It was stress city. I helped by putting little sugar stars on autistic angles in the icing. And Moral Support. Oh. Artistic angles!! I was supposed to be looking elegant in my Vivien's tea dress. But they sent me the wrong size and we didn't have time to fix it. So I went to Anton's and bought a big cuffed shirt for a stupid amount of money and some snappy braces. Other people's weddings always end up costing so much! My sister wore a sweet little hat and a boofy cocktail dress with a - VEGAN ALERT - vintage fur bolero. She looked lovely!

The wedding was a potential minefield, but with my sister's support I braved the onslaught of family and old family friends - who last saw me as a shy 14 year old. Now this bit may be paranoia but I was pretty sure that all these people would remember of me was that I was a librarian and that I was crazy. So I was neurotically determined to make a good impression. In hindsight dressing like a chap probably wasn't the safest option, but hey, my sister has hair the colour of he Little Mermaid's so I'm in good company. I managed to chat politely with the old family friends so got through that ok, and my family were surprisingly well behaved so I quite enjoyed chatting with them. I drank a lot of beer.

The wedding ceremony was short and sweet and of course we got teary. Soon they'll be off to Sicily to visit even more relatives! Graziella's a nice lady who teaches English to refugees and new migrants and takes them for their first visit to the seaside.

My new family! Me, Graziella, my dad and my sister Sharon.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I can't believe that you straightened your hair and we didn't get to see it in person! It's freakishly long.

Curvy Kitty said...

But I didn't straighten it!!! It's gone straight all by itself!!!!