Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wedding pt 2

The day after the wedding there was yet another family do at my dad's place in Fremantle, where I met properly my new step brother, Mark, but not my new stepsister because apparently she had a migraine. Or perhaps it was a too vivid memory of going all Sicilian at the wedding and threatening to stab my brother in law (sadly, this was after I had gone home so I missed it all). I also met my new niece Jasmyn, who at 15 isn't exactly new but I've never really met her before. Got fed heaps of course, but I'm onto those Italians! They tell you something is 'tradition' so then you have to eat it. But when it's cannoli and baked ricotta cheesecake who can say no?

Me and Jassy and little puppy Shiloh

My sister and I then walked to Freo and I bought some flowers for my hair. We stopped outside a hot rod show to meet up again with Paul, my brother in law and Jassy. Every photo my sister takes is out of focus. But look at the car!!!

We then stopped at Culley's Tea Rooms. We used to go there when I was about six, for a spearmint milkshake and a sausage roll. Is it too young to be going on a pilgrimage to your home town when you're only 37?

Look at the size of the milkshake?! Surely I didn't drink all that when I was six??!

Note the crazy size of my sister's eclair!!

The church where my grandparents got married!

The Freo Town Hall, where my dad used to work and where I think the library used to be where I shelved my first book! Look at that blue sky Melbourne folk!!

Buying Margaret River olive oil for my young man.

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Proud Womon said...

ahh kitty, you're never too young to stroll down memory lane... pity you missed the passionate sicillian drama!!! have you got your curls back yet or is your hair straightening as you age (my friend irene's hair has gone from dead straight to curly due to the 'side-effects' of the 'meds' she's had to take over the years!!)

Curvy Kitty said...

Hair dead straight. Could be the crazy meeds but I've been on the same combo for a while now. I'm sorry, but I'm going to be moaning about this A LOT!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice your hair! I could so go that lime milkshake right now... and the eclair (and the sausage roll, maybe not the sausage roll cause had sausages for dinner).