Monday, October 11, 2010

The cat & dog meat man

Ok, I promise this will be my last post on meat for a while!

This is a pre War photo of the cat and dog meat man in the Eastend of London. The meat is horseflesh and other bits and pieces, dyed green so unscrupulous butchers couldn't pass it on to unsuspecting patrons. Unfortunately, it often proved unfit for animal consumption (think maggoty ew!) Feeding your pet during the war years was difficult and in Britain, sadly, many animals were put down rather than face starvation. This makes me very sad.

My little Jack cat is unwell at the moment. He's got the cat flu which seems to be going around - all our big cats have had it. Turns out it's not influenza at all but usually a type of herpes. So we're on three different meds that all need to be mooshed up into his smoosh. The poor little guy has FIV so we need to treat it quite aggressively. When I was at the vet she looked at his blood tests from last year and realised that he has a bad liver. Apparently a cat's liver can be damaged within two days if they stop eating - and last year he hardly ate at all for MONTHS and got scary skinny. So now his liver is shot, he's about two kilos underweight and, because the liver wasn't functioning here's been a build up of ammonia in his brain, which has contributed to his dementia. Sigh. But his weight isn't as bad as it was at the beginning of the year and he's on a special diet, and I'm coming home at lunch to give him an extra feed so fingers crossed. Oh, and he's been given a shot of steroids (so he's no longer UCI legal). He's also in excellent spirits and now his cat flu's improving he no longer has foetid meat breath (= a lot easier to love).


Sailor Lily said...

I'm sorry about Jack. Does he have any favorite treats he likes to nom on to help him gain more weight while he's on the meds? I hope he and you both feel better and are about to have some cuddle time in front of a good flick, with a nenish tart each. Nenish tarts are known to cure the monthly 'mean reds' and I've yet to meet a cat that didn't like licking mock cream off your fingers. I hope he sleeps on your feet tonight.


Proud Womon said...

the poor old man... luckily he has you...

and yes, cuddle time is a must (glad his breath is smelling sweeter!!)

Curvy Kitty said...

Thanks ladies. Things aren't going so well. He's just not eating. He didn't have breakfast or lunch. I managed to get him to eat a teaspoonful of whiskas but that's it. So frustrating. I even warmed it so it smelt tasty.