Monday, October 18, 2010

Girlish nonsense

I'm a big fan of UK label Vivien of Holloway and swear that their wide legged swing pants are the only trousers a forties gal needs. This Saturday I got to play and try on heaps of their clothes for fun. Vivien has a sister Christine living down my way and she regularly turns up at rockabilly events - not quite my scene. On the weekend she made an appearance at the Penny Rose Boutique in Fitzroy, complete with cupcakes and cups of tea. I made the considerable journey (ACROSS THE RIVER!) to Fitzroy early in the morning. It was quite a novel experience trying on clothes as I buy most of my stuff online - and boy did I try on a lot!

Things I am in love with:

Cotton frocks are a staple of the forties wardrobe. I plan to wear a lot this summer.

High waisted trousers with suspenders! Perfect for the swing shift at the munitions factory, er, library.

Now my pins are far from lovely but I love the idea of these for summer weekends.

Pin up perfect! Thus playsuit doesn't fit me as I'm too long in the body. But isn't it cute?

Not for me, but if you're a Madmen fan you might like this number. Super flattering cut.

A Dorothy Lamour sarong dress. Not what I would have picked for me but - va va voom! What a dish! What a dream! What a dame! Pushes you in and out in all the right places!

Because I was there early I was the only one trying things on and I left with a list of items and the sizes I needed (dreaming away of course, there's no way I could afford this!) I got into the city and called my young man to tell him how much fun I'd had and he asked why I hadn't bought anything. Oh. Hadn't thought of that. So I caught a tram right back to Fitzroy! And the place was packed. Because I'm not dancing at the moment I don't get to hang out with like minded souls all that often. So this was a lot of girly fun. I was the only forties girl there, the rest was rockabilly but there was such a flurry of petticoats and circle dresses and everyone looked awesome.

I ended up snapping up an absolute bargain - a tea dress that is awfully grown up AND half price. But boy do I wish I had a hat! I'm hoping I can show you a pic of me in it when I take tea with my mum this weekend. But given that the weather has ruined my frock wearing plans pretty frequently at the moment I'm not holding my breath.

Good news: my little Jack cat has started sleeping on the bed for the first time in a year. And we've abandoned his special diet and he's eating for happiness rather than health. He's old and he's sick so he can have whatever he likes. Plus he's put on 600g - so there's a race with Donna's baby to see who will get beefy first! I just wish I knew where his new daytime sleeping spot is. I don't know how you lose a cat in a one bedroom apartment but he's got me stumped!
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Sailor Lily said...

I'm so pleased to hear about Jack; eating and cuddling are true pleasures and he should be availing himself of both. I love wiggle dresses! I've got a couple of 'route 66' rockabilly style frocks from a decade ago that I'm dying to shrink enough to get into.
you can strike it lucky on EBAY for vintage look frocks with a seller called 'sparrow et hibiscus'. A few things in their range nail the 40's and the 50's too.