Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Physiological effects of caffeine

Bipolar rule no 2: easy on the caffeine! Problem is, once I'd started with the coffee I felt simply too, too marvelous! Ten (or so) flat whites later and I was completely off my head. I like to think that I was fairly restrained but it seems I still drove my young man batty with the yappity yap. For the next four days I felt pretty grim. I couldn't eat and had a monster headache. Poor me.

Mum was up from the country so Kim and I ventured over the river to Fitzroy for her book launch.

Looks pretty good doesn't it? It's about Australia's very own Willy Wonka - think Freddo Frogs and Cherryripe. Anyway, it's by my mum and I'm proud of her! Mum was busy with interviews and walking tours but we found time to take tea at the gallery (even though I was still feeling a bit queasome). Once again, it was too cold to wear a frock but I got to wear a new shirt, made to measure from a vintage pattern in repro fabric by the lovely Jack's Daughter. I am so in love with this shirt I think I'll get another one made.

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Anonymous said...

TEN. Good lord I'd be sick.

I didn't know your mum had finished her book - yae for her!

Curvy Kitty said...

Actually I had more than that - ten was where I stopped counting. Yeah, I was pretty unwell! Won't be doing that again.

The book launch was rather nice though I think she was a bit over being in the big city.

Sailor Lily said...

I'm so sorry I ever suggested coffee. And I've just watched all our local Jewsish patrons appear on 'Food Safari' on SBS. Rabbi Winner looked good on camera as did Rita Erlich!

Proud Womon said...

oooh, i'd be off my face after 10+ coffees too... your mum's book sounds interesting