Sunday, October 3, 2010

Uci world road race championships

Isn't the sunshine just dandy! I took a few days off to watch the cycling and it was absolutely fabulous! I spent a lot of time cheering at the television. So exciting! I was quite giddy at seeing some of the best cyclists in the world in our Fed Square. Things didn't go quite so well for St Kilda in the AFL Grand Final replay but that's ok because I really enjoyed last week's draw. I missed the game because I went to a bridal shower - afternoon tea at the Westin Hotel in the City Square. The hotel is a bit meh, just a bland hotel lobby, so a bit short on atmosphere. The food though was great. Very dainty and charming. For those who are interested it's $45 a head, which embarrassingly, I forgot to pay! I feel frightfully rude! I'd left early so I could get home safely away from the footy crowd and only realized I'd left them to pick up my bill once I was on the train. Whoops!

Today was the last day of the cycling and we enjoyed it with a cycling friend who popped over. We enjoyed some birthday cake we'd made for a friend who sadly couldn't make it. Plus we managed to find time to pop out to Bunnings to pick up some seedlings to brighten up our garden. Which of course involved stopping by the sausage sizzle! Yay for sunshine and sport!

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