Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heeby jeebies

I've got bad bad medication induced anxiety! Think I'm going to start hyperventilating! And I had such a sunshiny day too! Went out shopping for the library - cookbooks! That was very satisfying. Then I met my sister for a cup of tea. She's over from Perth and we've been having a nice time together. Then back to work to read an auditor's report. Ok that bit wasn't much fun. Then I worried about a topic for a few hours - something I've fretted over at least 50 times a day all week - eventually having to promise my boss that I wouldn't mention it again for the rest of the week. Bit hard that one, even though I'll only be at work for one more day. I've got such a patient workplace. Got a lovely parcel from my dressmaker, only to find that my new dress would barely fit a six year old. I don't know how she got it so wrong! She seems confident she can do things to it but I feel like the voice of doom. Plus I don't like waiting.

Tomorrow I'll be going to the art gallery with my sister - actually to look at art rather than just taking tea. Then my sister is going to help me make a shirt. Then I might panic a bit about what salads I'm going to make for Christmas Day.

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Anonymous said...

lettuce salad.

Margaret has bought more food than there is food in the supermarket.

And she has shortbread.

And I have shortbread - so there is a LOT of shortbread!

Sailor Lily said...

we'll help with this audit stuff- it will be fine. Its all just do-able process and documentation, most of which we have but need to package up- no worries.